Hello capsuleer!

You heard stories about massive space battles, huge empires getting crushed into oblivion, a dark universe where scamming, ganking and infiltration is happening on a daily basis. A truly unique gaming experience - now its your turn to be part of that.

Follow the simple steps below to start your own EVE Online adventure.

Fly safe!

Start a Trial Account

All stories in New Eden once started with somebody creating a trial account. Don't be shy. Don't procrastinate. Sign-up today!

EVE Online offers a free of charge extended 21 day trial when signing-up using this link. Once your trial period is over, you either have to switch to a subscription model (~15$/mo) or spend in-game currency earned through PVE activity. Keep in mind that upgrading to a subscription while your trial period is active does not invalidate your remaining free of charge days.

Take your time creating your character: Your pilots name can not be changed once created, you might become known under that name and stick to it for years to come. Put some love into your character portrait, even though some aspects can be re-sculptured later on. Choosing a specific faction over another is only important in case you plan to role play, a rather rare activity in New Eden.

Disclosure: Using my trial link above will grant me an in-game reward in case you upgrade your account.

Prepare Yourself

Now that you started your career in New Eden, you need to get familiar with some of the basic game mechanics.

Try out the new player Opportunities and run a few entry level Missions. There are tons of ressources available on the web, the excellent EVE University Wiki is always a good starting point to dig into a topic. In case you get lost, ask for help in the in-game Rookie Help chat, join the #tweetfleet slack and make some new friends or join the Dojo voice chat on BRAVE Mumble. The /r/eve and /r/evenewbies subreddits are good places to get in touch with the community as well.

Spend a few days on these basic tasks, but before its getting dull, get ready to move on.

Join a Group

You might think that you want to try this game as a solo player first or that you lack some skills to join an established organization just yet. You are wrong!

The social aspect of interaction with a larger organization makes EVE Online spectacular. Don't miss out on this. Seriously. Without friends offering to tag along and teaching you the ropes, the game will become boring quite fast. Among the literally hundreds of corporations, alliances and coalitions in the game, a few organizations offer brand new players an outstanding experience.

The most well known new player organization are listed below, read up on them and put in your appliaction today!

Alliance Logo: Brave Collective
Brave Newbies Inc. (Brave Collective)

Brave Newbies Inc. proved that new players can actually make a difference in the game and they are the reason other groups started their own new player centered initiatives.

They focus on their members fun per hour and hold up a stay classy attitude. New players are offered free skillbooks, free implants, free ships, a ship replacement program, regular classes and constant fights in null-sec.

Corporation Logo: EVE University
EVE University (Ivy League)

EVE University is the oldest training organization in the game. Its the closest you will ever get to a Starfleet Acadamy experience.

They offer a well structured curriculum including regular classes and reading materials. They maintain learning campuses in high-, low-, null-sec and wormholes.

Corporation Logo: Karmafleet
Karmafleet (Goonswarm Federation)

Karmafleet is the new player organization of Goonswarm Federation, the largest group in the game.

Alliance Logo: Pandemic Horde
Pandemic Horde Inc. (Pandemic Horde)

Pandemic Horde is the new player organization of Pandemic Legion, the most powerful group in the game.

Alliance Logo: Red vs Blue
Red vs Blue (Red Federation / Blue Republic)

Red vs Blue are in a permanent war against each other ensuring an endless stream of explosions.

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